Urban Alchemist design collective

Urban Alchemist design collective

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urban Alchemist welcomes "Fox & Crow" jewelry design

" I utilize a lot of found material like driftwood, leaves, bird skulls, Gouda wax (I let nothing go to waste), and other non-traditional materials. I have been creating jewelry for quite some time now and I love every moment of it. I don’t have fancy drills or torches; just some sculpting tools and a multipurpose tool “knife-thing” to get the job done. Like in Native American culture, I try to honor the spirit animal as well as the earth in all of my work. "

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beat Up Creations, NEW at Urban Alchemist

Beat Up Creations uses recycled, abused, tossed aside, broken and forgotten items and trun them into fabulous new creations. She claims not to be an artist... but.... (: This is what SHE says: "I strive to be simple. I like small things, dirty art and banjo music. Most of the time I am called Angela. I was born and bred in Los Angeles. My father and my brother are both professional artists. My mother is an expert craftsman. I am not. Having had a broken heart, broken wings, loose marbles and the such I have discovered that I am much better with a glue gun than a paint brush. I just try to be true to the idea's in my head by recycling unloved and forgotten items."