Urban Alchemist design collective

Urban Alchemist design collective

Sunday, October 31, 2010

New yoga bags and more by Linny + Jinny at Urban Alchemist

Linny+Jinny athletic bags are a unique yoga mat "sock" that perfectly fits a rolled up yoga mat and are vibrant, fun, and stylish.
Uniquely designed with a wide strap to be worn across your chest, this yoga "sock" makes carrying your bag comfortable and manageable- easy for transportation.
All yoga bags have a jute or leather drawstring with decorative beads, not only providing easy access and accessibility but also style.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I am handmade" now available at Urban Alchemist!

I*M*Handmade produces one of a kind handmade items for you and your space. Clothing, accessories, housewares and more all handmade in a Brooklyn apartment. I have been working on custom pieces for over 7 years (moving the sewing machines to Brooklyn 4 years ago) and branching out to become a regular at great Brooklyn boutiques like Urban Alchemist!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urban Alchemist welcomes "Fox & Crow" jewelry design

" I utilize a lot of found material like driftwood, leaves, bird skulls, Gouda wax (I let nothing go to waste), and other non-traditional materials. I have been creating jewelry for quite some time now and I love every moment of it. I don’t have fancy drills or torches; just some sculpting tools and a multipurpose tool “knife-thing” to get the job done. Like in Native American culture, I try to honor the spirit animal as well as the earth in all of my work. "

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beat Up Creations, NEW at Urban Alchemist

Beat Up Creations uses recycled, abused, tossed aside, broken and forgotten items and trun them into fabulous new creations. She claims not to be an artist... but.... (: This is what SHE says: "I strive to be simple. I like small things, dirty art and banjo music. Most of the time I am called Angela. I was born and bred in Los Angeles. My father and my brother are both professional artists. My mother is an expert craftsman. I am not. Having had a broken heart, broken wings, loose marbles and the such I have discovered that I am much better with a glue gun than a paint brush. I just try to be true to the idea's in my head by recycling unloved and forgotten items."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing Rubella Jewelry at Urban Alchemist.

Rubella is a virus discovered by German doctors in the eighteenth century. Rubella is also the alias of two Jersey City ladies who create, among many things, romantic and mysterious victorian-inspired statement pieces of jewelry featuring civil war era tintype photographs, antique chandelier crystals, old skeleton keys, bones, unique ornate metal findings and other relics which both conjure up and cherish the past.

Rebecca Shepherd Jewelry Design

Co-founder Rebecca Shepherd's collection is perfect for an easy gift giving solution. You can choose from a wide variety of mixed metal pieces as well hand picked semi-precious stones. She specializes in brides and brides maids jewelry. Rebecca Shepherd was born and raised in the woods of a small town outside Tampa Fla. She relocated to NYC in 1998 and began to develop and refine her line of jewelry. A few years ago, she stumbled upon a piece of labradorite that reminded her of the bottom of the ocean. This began her love affair with semi precious and precious stones. She is self taught and often inspired by making a mistake! Her designs incorporate geometric shapes that are softened and adorned with semi precious stones and metals to add texture. She aims to bridge structure with femininity.

Friday, July 23, 2010

DESiGNERiCA jewelry at Urban Alchemist

Most of my designs are inspired by NATURE, the ENVIRONMENT, and FOOD. I unite seemingly disparate interests in all things HIGH TECH and futuristic with heartfelt environmentalism to create objects that speak of my interest in the future of humankind. Designs are intended to be beautiful while reminding us of our tenuous place in the universe and our relationship with the rich network of life around us. All of my products are produced using modern technologies. These technologies allow for ease of customization and will ultimately allow distributed manufacturing. They include computer aided design (CAD), computer aided routing, laser cutting, and 3-d printing (CAM).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introducing Miss Pretty Perfect Bags!

The ideal Miss Pretty Perfect is a care-free, motivated, go-getter who is not easily led. Miss Pretty Perfect represents the independent women who work, strive, and believe in a positive lifestyle an surroundings. Miss Pretty Perfect feels good inside and thinks highly of herself. Attention and admiration keep us breathing. Even-though we don't live in a perfect world, Miss Pretty Perfect creates on in her mind.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T. Kahres's organic, rockin roll jewelry!

Urban Alchemist proudly represents jeweler T. Kahres who has successfully sold with us since the beginning in 2008.

Teresa Kahres has been designing her line of nature-inspired jewelry from her studio in the heart of D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn; a stimulating community of burgeoning artists.
Although she also works as a silversmith, her love of the outdoors has steered her towards enameling, a medium that allows for the use of colors in a way that more closely captures the essence of the objects that inspire her.

The torch method enables her to manipulate these colors into fine lusters, and she often embellishes her pieces with her signature use of pearls. While her pieces, often castings of organic matter such as sea urchins, leaves, and shells, have an ethereal quality, they also possess strength and substance.

Rabbits Moon stuffed animals

These super sweet stuffed animals are hand-crafted in a smoke-free studio in brooklyn with loving care and a bit of quirkiness. All items are one-of-a-kind, made from a combination of vintage/japanese/new fabrics. Urban Alchemist was in New York Magazine and Rabbitsmoon was featured!

Alyssa Ettinger design

Urban Alchemist choose some delicious antique replica porcelain milk bottles, available in half-pints, quartz size bottles as well as her famous glow lanterns. The designs include four distinct dairies: Cloverleaf Dairy, Hood Dairy/Boston, Concord Dairy, and Stephen Dairy/PA. Alyssa works out of a studio in an old warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.